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First Day of School and WHS Club Fair

WHS Latin Club officers and members set up a stand at the Club Fair on the First Day of School to promote WHS Latin Club and JCL to the students!

First Latin Club Meeting!

WHS Latin Club members met after school to meet each other and talk about plans for the year!

Latin Club Meeting

(September 21)

WHS Latin Club members met after school to create posters for Latin Club. Posters, then, got posted around the school to recruit more members!

WHS Open House

(September 21)

WHS Latin Club officers and members set up a stand at the open house to promote WHS Latin Club and JCL to the parents!

Foreign Language Halloween Party

Latin Club, Italian Club, and French Club organized a Foreign Language Halloween Party!

Halloween Cards for Hospitalized Children

WHS Latin Club members met after school to make Halloween cards for hospitalized children in the local area.

JCL Opening Ceremony

(October 22)

WHS Latin club members drove 4 hours there and back to Mt. Greylock to participate in the JCL opening ceremony!

JCL Opening Ceremony

JCL Opening Ceremony

MassJCL officers

MassJCL officers

Certamen Team

Certamen Team

Catapult Competition

Catapult Competition

Rocking the Latin underwear!

Rocking the Latin underwear!

Latin Club Outreach!

WHS Latin Club members volunteered to visit a local elementary school. We taught them how to write some Latin words and... had a fun time drawing turkeys!


(November 12)

WHS sent two club leaders (Vara M. - Vice President and Jennifer K. - Technical Coordinator) to the annual MassJCL Latin leadership conference: Praetoria

Latin Club Outreach - Middle School

(November 14)

WHS Latin students make gladiator shields with students at McCall Middle School.

Latin Presentation 

(November 15)

Professor Akira Yatsuhashi visited the AP Latin class on November 15th.  He discussed studying Latin and the Classics after high school and praised the value of the study of the Humanities.  Professor Yatsuhashi graduated from Winchester High School in 1988 and was excited to see the changes to our school. 

AP Latin celebrates Vergil's birthday

(November 17)

Felicem diem natalem, Vergili!


 (Virgil's Birthday is actually  on November 15th)

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Latin Club students created 55 holiday cards over several sessions.  They were donated to "Cards for Hospitalized Kids" for distribution to children in various hospitals.

St. Charles Outreach

(December 7)

On December 7th Latin Club students brought holiday and winter Latin words to students in the St. Charles Afterschool Program in Woburn.  They worked together on trees and wreaths, including Latin phrases on their artwork.

McCall Middle School


(December 19)

Latin Club members worked with students at McCall Middle School on December 19th.  They made mosaic designs based on Roman models.


First, they used Starburst candies to plan their designs; then they made mosaics out of paper "tiles".

Giftwrap Initiative


The Latin Club wrapped gifts for two days at Henry Bear's Park, a toy store in Arlington.  They raised $325.00 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.









Winter Words for January


Latin Club students make winter decorations with their friends at St. Charles School in Woburn during the Afterschool Program.

WHS Latin Club students participated in the BLA certamen on January 21st. 


It was Tommy's first certamen ever, and he won a round against a team of three!

Boston Latin Academy Certamen

(January 21st)

McCall Outreach

(January 23)

Latin Club students introduced McCall Middle School students to basic conversational Latin.  They compared cardinal numbers in the Romance languages with Latin numbers, and reviewed Roman numerals.  WHS students guided the McCall students through simple readings.

Time for Valentines!

Latin Club students are busy making Valentines to donate to "Cards for Hospitalized Kids".

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Latin Club students have created and mailed almost 40 cards to wish a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to children who need to stay in hospitals for extended periods.   March 1 will provide us with one more opportunity for these green messages of luck.  Then it's on to Easter and  spring-themed cards.

WHS Latin Club members made valentines with their  elementary-school friends in the Afterschool Program on February 1st.  Latin words and phrases were introduced and used to decorate the cards.

St. Charles Outreach

(Feburary 1)

BLS Certamen

(February 11)

In between snow days, Ms. DeCamp took David Mao and Tommy Bellaire to the annual Certamen sponsored by the Boston Latin School. This year's event, held on Saturday, February 11th had a Marvel Comics' Avengers theme.  WHS fared very well and also had fun!

Historia Antiqua

(February 15)

Mr. Douglas Ryan of Historia Antiqua presented "A Trip Down the Nile" to all Latin students at Winchester High School on Wednesday, February 15th.  A generous grant from the WHS PFA covered the expenses of this multi-media event which contributed to students' understanding of the relationship between the ancient empires of Rome and Egypt.

WHS Latin Club Fan Art

Vicky Chen made this poster in which Caecilius (wearing his anachronistic sunglasses) reminds you to check out your awesome website for pictures, newsletters, events, a club calendar and more!

McCall Outreach

(February 27)

WHS Latin Club students played gladiator-themed kahoot! games with their middle school friends

On Wednesday, March 1 the Latin Club had a St. Patrick's Day themed arts and crafts afternoon.  Pumiliones and bona fortunata abounded!

St. Charles Outreach

(March 1)

McCall Outreach

(March 13)

WHS and McCall students practiced writing in Latin, Greek and hieroglyphics on homemade papyrus to celebrate Classics Week.

Classical Week

World Language Week

Latin Club students decorate the front windows of WHS to celebrate World Language Week, March 6 - 10.  Wednesday, March 8, was "Latin Day".

Happy Easter!

It's time to make Easter cards for our service project.  These 25 delights were just mailed.

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